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Terrestrial Snails


 Webbhelix multilineata (Say, 1821)

Striped whitelip

This species is also known as Helix multilineata, Mesodon multilineata, Tridopsis multilineata, and Polygyra multilineata.  Baker has it in the genus Polygyra and lists a number of subspecies, including P. multilineata rubra (which would include the snail in the top two photos) and P. multilineata multilineata  (which is the shell in the bottom photo).  Form rubra is about 3/4 inch in diameter, while the form multilineata is about an inch in diameter.  

The photograph of the form rubra shown here was found in a hillside seep at Camp Dodge in Polk County, Iowa.  The form multilineata shown below was found in a hillside seep at Whiterock Conservancy near Coon Rapids, Iowa.  I did not find a live individual, only a shell.

Hubricht shows the distribution of this species as sort of the mid to upper Midwestern states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, and east to Ohio and western New York.  It is found in most of the counties in Iowa that have records.



The coloration on the shell of W. m. multilineata is much different from that of W. m. rubra