The Poweshiek Skipper Project

Terrestrial Snails


 Gastrocopta contracta (Say, 1822)

Bottleneck snaggletooth

This is a very small snail.  It is apparently very widespread in the eastern United States, and shows up in Iowa in most of the counties that have records.

This species is found in a wide variety of habitats.  I usually find it under wood or wet bricks on a concrete pad that we have in our back yard.


This species always seems to have small particles of dirt stuck to its shell.

It can be difficult to photograph this species and it can also be difficult to track them.  Often there are two or more similar looking species under the same log or brick.


While the Vertigo group is varied and often separated by pretty subtle differences, this species is pretty distinctive, not only for the thickened single lamella, but for its small size and the distinctive shape of its shell.