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Terrestrial Snails


 Pupoides albilabris (Adams, 1841)

White-lipped dagger

This snail seems to be widespread across the eastern part of the United States, from Texas to South Dakota and from Florida to northern New York State.  However, Hubricht only shows it in two counties in Iowa--Des Moines County and Johnson County.  I have found it in Dallas County, and I suspect that it is widespread across the state.
This is one of my backyard snails.  We have a small cement pad and I have found it under cement blocks on that after rain.  

This snail is reported to be found on bare ground and quarries, in areas with calcium.  It is reported that it is usually found crawling on wet ground after rain.

This species has also been called Pupoides marginata, Cyclostoma marginate, and Pupa albilabris.