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Winfield Scott was a General in the United States Army.  He has a part in our story because he negotiated the treaty between the United States and the "Consolidated Sauks and Foxes"-- a treaty that later was known as the "Black Hawk Purchase."  It was a one-sided deal, a land-grab really.
Winfield Scott was a man who projected a great deal of confidence.  In fact, he projected such a great amount of confidence that it almost seems silly today.
Here is the title page:
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  Written by Himself.
Himself writes about Scott in  both the first and the third person, and with great compliments.  Himself also displays a general contempt for the competency of those around him, including Andrew Jackson and numerous officers who were at one time or another higher ranking than Himself.  He seems to write about himself in the first person as a civilian and in the third person as a military officer.
From page 90:  "...Scott was the first to enter the fort.  The last of the garrison escaped at the same moment.  Hindman and Stockton flew to the two unexploded magazines, while Scott took the colors with his own hands."
Himself even remembers his heroic speeches.
From page 133:  "Scott's brigade, nearly all New England men, were most indignant, and this was the subject of the second of the three pithy remarks made to them by Scott just before the final conflict at Chippewa.  Calling aloud to the gallant Major Hindman, he said:  'Let us put down the federal convention by beating the enemy in front.  There's nothing in the Constitution against that.'"
(he was referring to a planned convention of the New England States in 1814, in which the possibility of secession from the Union was to be discussed.)