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  Oarisma poweshiek
Legal Status
Original description
Henry's list
The threatened and endangered status of an organism represents both a scientific consensus regarding how much danger there is that the species could become extinct, and a cultural consensus regarding how much effort and expense should be spent to try to conserve it.
It can be a lot easier to rally people around the cause of saving polar bears or other large charismatic animals than to rally them around saving a small butterfly.  As a result, the percentage of large showy animals that are listed is higher than that of invertebrates, as a function of their diversity.

State or Country Status
Committee on Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada "threatened arthropod"
U.S. Endangered Species Act, 16 U.S.C., sections 1531-1544 Candidate species--Federal Register 76:207, October 26. 2011
Iowa Endangered Plants and Wildlife--Chapter 481B Code of Iowa "Threatened animal species"
Minnesota Endangered Species Statute (Minnesota Statutes, Section 84.0895) "Special Concern"
Wisconsin Endangered and Threatened Species Act  NR 27 "Threatened"
North Dakota North Dakota has no state level threatened and endangered species list
South Dakota Codified Laws, Title 34A Not listed in the state code.  However, the South Dakota Natural Heritage program lists it as a G2, S2 species, "imperiled because of rarity."
Michigan:  Part 365 of PA 451, 1944, Michigan Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. "Threatened"
Illinois:  520 ILSC 10--Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act Not listed.  There are only a couple of questionable and very old records for this butterfly in Illinois.
Indiana:  Indiana Code Title 14 article 22, Chapter 34 Not listed.  Indiana seems to have no listed insects.
Other:  Xerces Society Red List of Pollinator Insects "Imperiled"
Nature Serve G2--"Global Imperiled"