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Henry Parker
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Other writings

Henry Parker wrote a number of books in his life.  Many of them are currently available in digitized editions (for example, from "Google Books").  If you are old school in your approach, the digitized books can be purchased from publish on demand sources--check Amazon.com, and a service like Kessinger publishing might have it.

The Spirit of Beauty:  Essays Scientific and Aesthetic is a collection of essays, primarily arguing for the existence of the supernatural by looking at beauty in nature.

The Agnostic Gospel:  A review of Huxley on the Bible:  This is pretty much what it sounds like, a theological argument.  Henry Parker does have a habit of arguing with the presumption that the reader has read the arguments of his antagonist, which can be a little difficult when reading him more than a century after the publication. 
He does answer one question that I had about him, though, in the preface, when he calls himself a "theological evolutionist." 
Henry Parker argued against a literal interpretation of the Genesis record, and does not really talk about nature in his arguments.

Theda and the Mountain was a book written by Henry Parker.  Its intended audience was children.
Let's just say that Helen was a far better author of children's books and leave it at that.

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